Where to Buy Green Card Online

A Green card is an identification of a good citizen of the nation and it is provided for the person who doesn’t commit in any mall practice for a long period. It allows you to live permanently on that nation. So it is used to prove the quality of a person.Where to buy Green Card Online


Work in the state without black marks for that also they provide green card and the person should obey the law of the government. The cardholder must regularly pay the income tax and support the nation by doing without any mall practices.

Buy Green Card Online

Buy green card through online is not a simple thing because the Government had the limit to provide green cards at a particular range. The US government provide thousands of green card lottery per year, if you are having a sure idea about your life is belongs to America then nothing can stop you. By investing 500000 US Dollars on the company present in America or you have the property there then nothing can stand in your way.

Apply for a green card

 Before applying for the Green card you have to know you are in green card eligible category, mainly there are eight Category, they are given below:

  1. Family
  2. Employment
  3. Special Immigrant
  4. Refugee
  5. Human trafficking and Crime Victims
  6. Victims of Abuse
  7. Registry
  8. Other Category

These are all the eight main categories for applying for green card. There are separate rules and regulations followed for each one.

Family Green Card

For the family type green card they can adobe the blood relatives of the US citizen for ex: spouse of the citizen, child under the age of 21of the United States citizen, parent of the US citizen who is at least 21 years old.

Employment Green Card

For the Employment type green card the first preference is given for the extraordinary rank holder of education, business, science, arts, Athletics.

Special Immigrant

Special Immigrant is given for member religious denomination coming for the US working for the non-profitable religious organization or coming to work for the media.

Everybody having the question about how to get a Green Card for these type of questions I already the qualities and eligible of a person so I don’t want to bore you telling that again.

Original green card

It is very easy to identify the original Green Card because it has separate USCIS identification number, the color changes from green to gold by color-shifting ink, laser engraved fingerprint and detailed background design & pattern these are all the identification of genuine green card. Now you have a clear idea about the unique of a Real green card.

Biometric Residence permit

You can apply for Biometric Residence permit when you apply to come back to the UK after a long time, extend your visa for more than six months and some other reasons. Apply for a biometric residence permit, you can send the Biometric residence permit application you have already made to the official website of the country.


I hope you all cleared about the Green Card and Biometric residence permit these are the main two evidence of the citizenship.


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